Troubleshooting & Repair lets you avoid the hassle of disconnecting your entire system and bringing it to a local repair shop, just to wait days to find out the problem could have been easily solved without moving it at all.  If you never want to experience the annoyance of having to do without your computer, in-home service is the ideal solution.  All repair work is done in an open environment, with owner participation welcomed.

Services are available for most major computer systems including Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, up to Mac OS X, and even WebTV. Maybe your computer just won't start up, gets stuck at a certain point and won't move, or possibly displays an error message.  Or, if your system is running slower than usual and your mouse is freezing up you might be running out of hard disk space or memory. Whatever the problem, an in-home diagnosis and repair of your system is the answer to all your computer troubles.


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