Pre-Purchase Consulting explains Hard Drive sizes, Processor speeds, RAM amounts, and any of the other unrecognizable abbreviations you see when looking at computer ads.  This service helps you determine what computer to buy based on your needs. There are many uses for computers and each can be built for specific purposes. Planning on E-mailing family and friends? Interested in playing games online? Want to share photos with digital technology? Know which is the right computer system for you.  Be an informed shopper!

Installations & Upgrades of Hardware, Software and Peripherals let your Computer System grow... Larger Hard Drives, additional RAM, specialty Video Cards, CD-RW Drives, DVD-RW, Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras, USB Ports, Security and Anti-Virus programs and more. All work is done in an open environment in your home. WebTV installations also available.


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